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4Arts Media was founded in 2016 by a group of veterans with extensive experiences and networks in the fashion and arts fields and has been actively involved in the organization and management of events, exhibitions and charity activities for globally renowned brands and artists. We also provide tailor-made advertising and marketing solutions at different online platforms.  

From 2019, 4Arts Media has became the exclusive content provider to "Chaoyi" - the fashion, arts and lifestyle channel of the PRC's online news media "Tian Tian Online".



由2019开始,4Arts Media成为中国大陆网上新闻媒体"天天在线"潮艺频道的独家内容提供者。

Tian Tian Online 天天在线


selected portfolio 亮点项目

Japanese group W-inds Hong Kong Concerts 2016 and 2017

Japanese jazz singer Emi Fujita Hong Kong Concert 2016

Boxing event E1 World Championship Hong Kong 2017

Hong Kong Dance Group E-Kids Concert in Hong Kong and Macau 2018

Korean DJ SODA Live in Macau 2018

Hong Kong Charity Event Aka Chio Solo Art Exhibition 2017

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